Quit Smoking , Sports injury , All Musculoskeletal Conditions , Pain Management , Anti-Ageing , Wellness Programs , Energetic Medicine .



Adam Canning the Clinic Director is a specialist in Laser Therapy and Energetic Medicine. He has been in the field of Laser Therapy for over 17yrs and has trained in Australia , Europe and the USA

He is also a facilitator of introductory & advanced training in Low Level Laser Therapy for other qualified health practitioners.

He has now commenced practice in Geelong after working at The Australian Institute Of Laser Therapy in Melbourne for the last 8 yrs and provides expert treatment in all areas where 'Low Level Laser Therapy' can be of benefit including ' Auriculotherapy ' - This is a very specialised field of diagnosis & application of specific oscillations in zones of the ear, to treat acute and chronic conditions of the musculoskeletal system , organs and nervous system .

It is also used for the treatment of depression , PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ) and anxiety , as well as a variety of other problems including addictions .










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