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Laser Acupuncture

Posted by Adam Canning on January 30, 2010 at 7:27 PM





Laser acupuncture or laserpuncture therapy is the accepted name employed by those who practice the principle of acupuncture by using the stimulation of a laser beam instead of a penetrating needle.

The laser energy seems to be more suitable to the meridian system which is an “oscillating energy field” than the needle. With " LLLT " - Low Level Laser Therapy ,you have a holistic approach which will transfer modulated energy to the meridian system.


There are 2 main advantages with laser acupuncture over needles : 1) There is NO risk of infection through penetration with needles over the very sensitive ear when performing Auricular Acupuncture and as the ear represents the whole organism and connects to the whole body , needles can present a problem .2) The laser is able to transmit very specific information via the super-imposing of frequencies onto the laser light ,which can then be targeted to specific energy points or locations .These Hz ( frequencies ) relate to various functions within the body and energy bodies as well having specific resonance to the meridians themselves .This ability to communicate to the body ,gives laser a distinct advatage over needling .


Proven Photoresponses / responses to laser light


increased mast cell and degranulation Dyson et al 1989. Lasers in Surgery & Medicine 9: p. 497-505

increased angiogenesis Mester, A. (1977) A Exp Clur 10(5) p. 301-306 1985 Lasers in Surgery & 2nd Medicine 5: R 31-39

increased wound potentials, healing & cellularity Dyson, M., Young, S., 1986 Lasers in Medical Science 7: p.125-130

collateral axon sprouting and prevention of post traumatic nerve degeneration Rochkind, S., (1978) Morphogen Regen 73 : p.48-50 (1986) Acta Neuro Chin 83 : p.125-130 (1988) New Methods of Treating Severely Injured Sciatica Nerve & Spinal Cord Rochkind, S., Nissanetal (1989) Lasers in Surgery & Medicine 9 : p. 174-182


Connective Tissue is a Continuously Connected System



B) NUCLEA MATRIX > Collectively the







Every molecule that needs to be transferred to a cell must pass through the matrix and all cells must interrelate with the extracellular environment and microcirculatory system


The Whole is Greater than it’s Parts


STRUCTURAL ORDER results in highly ordered coherent electromagnetic fields enable laser like Fröhlich oscillations to rapidly move throughout the living matrix as well as radiating outwards into the external environment (Fröhlich, H. 1986).


SOLID STATE PROPERTIES OF CRYSTALS enable whole system communication to occur whereby the behaviour of each individual component is modified as a result of being part of a collective group (Fröhlich H. 1973).


FRÖHLICH OSCILLATIONS relate to two large molecules being capable of giant dipole vibrations at certain frequencies, separated by a medium with appropriate dielectric properties, will result in a resonant-like interaction even if they are far apart (Fröhlich, H 1973).


To Touch the Surface is to Stir the Depths

Non linear open biological systems enable the whole open system to react to repeated feedback leading to major changes in ordered structures necessary for adaptation to changing conditions, which is required for spontaneous self organisation (Barnsley 1993).


The brain is a single functional unit, from cortex to finger tips. However the two are in different locations in one continuous medium… (Juan 1987)


New Macroscopic structural and behavioural patterns emerge from minute changes in: - Temperature - Touch

- Electromagnetic Fields - Light

… even the spoken word


The Meridian System may not be able to be distinguished as a separate anatomical system as a consequence of being; an invisible - sub molecular, solid state quantum wave phenomenon of the connective tissue.

Any therapeutic treatment approach that focuses on just one area of the body - will have limited success with addressing the organism as a whole.


Apart from pathophysiological disturbances there may be disturbances at a higher level



Laser Acupuncture and stimulation of the Matrix

Meridians share a common pattern of oscillating energy (resonance) and have measurable electrical properties indicating they are electrical transmission lines .


Low - frequency electrical oscillations are produced in the perineural connective tissues surrounding the nervous system, creating a dynamic communication system which plays a key role in repair of injuries and in regulating consciousness. (Becker 1990,1991).


MRI has measured current flows set up by neural activities within the brain that produce magnetic fields that can pass through various tissues and be measured by a magnetometer some distance away from the head.


Super Imposing of Frequencies onto Laser Light


IN 1983 DR BAHR ( Germany ) discovered another series of frequencies assigned to the 3 tissue layers, nervous and meridian systems and developed diagnosis of foci and systematic use of ear acupuncture diagnosis:


1/599,5 LOWER TISSUE LAYERS - source of illness/affinity to sympathetic nervous system

2/199 CENTRAL TISSUE LAYER - hormonal & nerve related /affinity to parasympathetic system

3/2388 SURFACE TISSUE STRUCTURES - Biotic points between man & environment/Omega - Ren Channels





Provides information on position of pathology

and treatment of hidden foci.


These are the latest frequencies recently discovered by Dr. Reininger. Relating to the 12 main meridians to assist faster re-balance of the resonance chain

Li — 442hz

St — 471hz

He — 497hz

Ci — 530hz

Li — 553hz

Gb — 583hz

Ki — 611hz

Bi — 667hz

Sp — 702hz

3H — 732hz

Si — 791hz

Lu — 824hz


Quantum Coherence = Organic Wholeness

Quantum coherence is far more dynamic than the biochemical models of energy flow (Ho, M.W.1997,1999)

Because the crystalline structure for the matrix is geometrically coherent large coherent excitations will develop in the form of photons and phonons (Ho 1996b)


A large scale Fröhlich Wave is produced when coherence builds up to a certain level (Oschman, J.L.1993) beam diameter 15nm = diameter of microtubles.

COHERENT LASER LIGHT IS PARTICULARLY SUITED TO INFLUENCING INCOHERENCIES IN THE LIVING ORGANISM and the optimal carrier of the medically recognised Nogier and Bahr and Reininger frequencies.

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