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    How effective is Laser Therapy ?

After having tried everything to quit i honestly thought i would never be able to stop , until i tried Laser Therapy.Even after the first session i did not feel like a cigarette at all ! and have been smoke free now for 6 months.

Tony S


Thankyou so much for giving me back my health , i feel fantastic and can actually breath properly again . I would recommend laser therapy to anyone wanting to stop smoking and who needs help to do it .

Pauline B


Having had a heart attack , being a diabetic and suffering from an incessant cough, my Doctor told me if i didn't stop smoking i would not be around to watch my grand children grow up , i made the decision to try the one thing i hadn't tried yet - Laser therapy . Patches and chewing gum etc had not worked for me , but after 1 session with the Laser i was already on my way and by session 3 had completely kicked the smokes, thankyou for giving me back my health .



As a packet and a half per day smoker for over 30 yrs i was sceptical at first that this treatment would be any different to the others i had tried ... and that i would suffer those dreaded cravings and give in once again .However this time i was amazed that i honestly didn't feel like a cigarette and was calm at the same time .Thankyou for all your support .

Johnno L

 Chronic pain from a back injury was ruining my life and had forced me to stop working , after 6 treatments with the Laser i woke one morning and found that my pain had disappeared , I'm now back at work.Thankyou.

Steve A

Arthritis was affecting both hands and made simple tasks very difficult , sleeping was a nightmare as my hands would just roar with pain .After 4 sessions i was pain free and my mobility had improved considerably .I wish i had found you sooner .